How to make your films
deliver more?

CHL Worldwide's Television commercials and corporate films

Television films fall under two categories. Commercials and corporate films. Commercials are the regular ads we see on television. Television commercials still remain one of the more effective mediums of advertising. A good television commercial stays on with the audience for long and can change the fortunes of a brand.

Corporate films are stories about a company or a brand. These are usually shown on sales meets, or company's offices and showrooms.

CHL Worldwide, has an in-house team of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, production experts, who can take care of every aspect of making a television commercial or a corporate film under one roof. Our team has worked on television commercials across a range of brands.

We do not believe in big budget films without a reason. Before starting work, we think about:

1. How to deliver the message effectively

2. How to deliver more for less

3. Will this campaign be memorable


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